Sparing on material

The amazing reaction speed in itself is a guarantee that soldering with Löthonig® is gentle on material. In certain cases (e.g. with very heat-sensitive components) Löthonig® can be applied more generously to protect the soldering point from being damaged through overheating thanks to the increased loss of heat associated with the evaporation of more flux.
With Löthonig® the ratio of solder and flux (rigid in the case of cored wires) can be adapted to suit requirements, even when surface tinning and soldering metals such as brass, steel etc., that are difficult to solder.

By using flux and solder separately one hand stays free. The free hand can help fixing parts or to use the tube to add more flux. The more Löthonig® is added, the more heat transfer on the workpiece.

Application of the hot fluid solder.


Even the very smallest reliable soldering points are possible (up to 0.5 mm Ø).

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Löthonig® is produced in a special process using selected chemically neutral constituents...

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