Key Points

  • Even safer in composition than pure rosin, but its soldering properties are by far superior
  • Sparing on material
  • Amazing reaction speed
  • Tried and tested in surface tinning and soldering metals such as brass, steel etc., which are difficult to solder
  • No rigid ratio of solder and flux, unlike soldering wire
  • By using flux and solder seperatly one hand stays free and can help fixing parts
  • Tried and tested in research, technology, amateur radio and hobby applications
  • For electronics quality!
  • Unlimited life
  • Has stood the test for five decades
  • Löthonig® solves difficult soldering problems


Even the very smallest reliable soldering points are possible (up to 0.5 mm Ø).

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Löthonig® is produced in a special process using selected chemically neutral constituents...

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